You just broke his heart,PES 2011.

All this while,I never knew Dean is into computer games. Well yeah,I know he is a very hot-tempered defender/captain in field/futsal court but I'm not really sure that he can play computer games as good as he were on field *pergh kembang karang*

He always brag about how TERhebat he is when it comes to PES and FIFA.I never bought it :P

 Well,I got bunch of guy friends who are crazy over Call Of Duty,Counter Strikes,Dota so on,but My Man never shows even a slightest preference towards that phenomenon and which I find it's cool that way!

Why? Because at least he'll never leave me hanging without  messages for that violent killing people's game.

But today,I saw his other,side shall I say. We were out during the lunch time for duplicate my home-key,upgrade the lappy's ram and he said,he wanna install PES game to this laptop.At first,he was asking for PES2009's cd but the tokey said PES2011 sudah available.He refused to buy PES2011 and insisted to get the older version.I dared him to try the latest one and he said "Okaylah," .

So,I bought him PES2011 together with a joystick controller for the some enjoyment during our boring office day. He was so excited,his face turned bright,he smiled exuberantly like, a little boy is being treated with his favorite ice-cream.I never see My Man looking so happy over a small thing and for heaven sake,it is just a PES2011.He walked half-running and towed me around. I can see he was so eager to come back to the office to test-drive his new baby.

 He was so all over the moon,fully absorbed by the game mood,of course selected his favorite team Merseyside Red and for sure against my favorite team,Manchester United.He didn't even listening when I was talking.To the dismay, the excitement lasted for only 10 minutes.

He started to cuss over his players,playing with emotion,it is obviously seen on his ketat,frowning face.I was a little bit disappointed, to be true.He claimed the game was to tough for him,he can't control the player,the accuracy is different from PES2009,something like that.For one moment,he was devastating, like mourning for something.

So,to make him one happy boy again,we returned the CD and change it with PES2009 that he wished for. 

For now, I just finished installing PES2009 to this laptop.I hope I can see one happy boy tomorrow. :D

 p/s : I saw the character changed from My Man to My Boy,Babyboy :) And I enjoyed the moment so much!
Yes!Aku ada point nak kenekan kau nanti.Hahaha :D


sophie said...

Itu game febret kakanda kamu juga..')

Didiey R. said...

Dean ajak lawan.hahaha :D